Table Tennis

Posted: April 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today we played another tournament style game.  I stayed sort of in the middle when we were going up and down.  I kept playing against Michael, Junichi, or Yusuke at this one table and sent down.  But then, I kept beating the people to get back to that spot.  I was definitely still comfortable with my push shots, but my serves and smashes caused a little bit of an issue for me.  My smashes, while getting more accurate, are still falling into the net.  I think what I’m doing wrong is waiting for the ball rather than going and getting it.  Since I’m waiting so long the ball isn’t getting hit at the apex of its ascent and not returning at the angle I want.   My serves, the other problem, are actually really good.  I scored repeatedly with my fast serve and got a lot of points.  The problem was that I kept getting called out, it turns out that the way I had been serving was illegal.  I was hiding the ball and not throwing it up (which is against the rules), so I had to switch to a legal method of serving.  This legal method is much more difficult and it tends to bounce more.  I’ll definitely need a lot more practice with that new serve so I can play the game well without cheating.


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