Table Tennis

Posted: April 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today we began learning the smash shot.  You’re supposed to bring your paddle over the ball and smash from there.  I’m having troubles with my smashes, as they keep hitting the net.  I believe that this is an area in which I need to improve.  Aside from learning the smash we started to learn tournament style play.  This was good because it was one of the first “real” game experiences.  Of course Michael crushed everybody, but that’s because he’s incredibly skilled.  The rest of the matches were actually pretty close, which made them very exciting.  I used the push shot a lot, and I attempted smashes several times.  I got one or two good smashes in, but the majority of them just got points for the enemy.  I scored mainly by using safe push shots and just waiting for the other player to mess up.  While this worked for me today, as the class gets better this technique will probably be useless.


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