English semester 1 reflection

Posted: February 8, 2011 in English G10

In my late-2010 English class I learned a lot more about English than I had in other classes before.  Before this class I just wrote whatever I felt like for assignments like speeches and essays.  Following semester one, I’ve consciously worked with different literary devices.  This was especially evident in my speech, where I was writing it based on what we had learned from analyzing President Obama and Sarah Palin’s speeches.  Strengths of mine would probably include a strong grasp of the language itself.  As a native speaker of English, when writing I don’t have to think so much about the vocabulary I’m using.  It’s also increased my vocabulary compared to the other students.  My main weakness is that I’m extremely lazy.  I have been told that my laziness keeps me from my true potential.  I’d like to believe that, as it would give me an excuse for being an idiot.  I have consistently produced solid B work with little or no preparation, so I’m hoping to change that a bit and produce solid A work with an average amount of preparation.  I feel as though my strengths have proved sufficient in the class, but what I would like is to be beyond sufficient.  It’s like the difference between living and surviving.  Right now in class I’m surviving, not living.   It’s like the difference between floating and swimming.  I’m floating, not swimming.  In class, with my B grade, I’m meeting class expectations.  What I’d like to do for the remainder of the year is to exceed expectations and truly differentiate myself from the rest of the class.  I’d like to develop as a writer, especially considering that in a couple years I’ll have to write essays for college applications.  Did you hear about the guy whose whole left side was cut off? He’s all right now

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