Country comparison

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Social Studies 10

In social studies class I conducted research on Ukraine.  Ukraine has a strict command economy that was originally put in place by the USSR when it took over Ukraine.  Ukraine has a very low HDI ranking as well.  Ukraine has suffered tragedy after tragedy throughout the course of history.  Several of these include the Holodomor, the Holocaust,  and various genocides between the different cultures residing in Ukraine.  In relation to the other nations discussed by the class, Ukraine remains in a terrible state.  Perhaps the only nations with worse situations covered in class were Somalia, the Sub-Saharan African nations, and Palestine.  One of the few nations with stricter economic regulations imposed by their governments was China in non-SEZ areas.  A recurring feature of these command economies is the abundant lack of money in the areas effected.  Ukraine was by far the in the worst state economically of the European nations presented by the class, having a GDP per capita of only $6,300, as compared to the approximate $25,000 GDP per capita of Spain, the second lowest GDP per capita of a European country covered by the class.  As a result of the command economy, low human development, and general abundance of poverty in Ukraine, even in comparison with other nations, it seems to be in a state where both economic freedom and social development need to take greater priority in order for the nation to advance any further.


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