Custom Dance

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Social Studies 10

The decisions we made for the dance we planned were to have the music as the $2000 Good Vibrations, the location as The Hilton Hotel, the food was the $5000 package deal.  We chose these because to us food was the most important factor.  We chose to have a trade off where we gave up a little on location and music in order to have the maximum quality in food.  The opportunity cost for the music was the more expensive Angelic Sinners.  We didn’t have an exact opportunity cost for the location, since we picked that last and just chose whichever we could best afford.  The opportunity cost for the food was the second most expensive option.  We felt as though food best met our single criterion: Would we enjoy it?  This activity involved us using the P.A.C.E.D decision making skill again, and is helping cement itself in our minds.

  1. 13pengju says:

    This was nice and succinct. However, I think it lacks a little detail, reading this, I wouldn’t know our budget and why each price was important. Also, I think that you should try it linked to PACED a bit more as well as define some terms.

    • 13lucake says:

      The good part of the piece was that you mentioned everything that related to the activity. The bad part was that it lacked detail that would have made it easier for the reader to understand.

  2. 13swarva says:

    I like the simplicity and organization of this reflection, however it does lack some detail. You could have elaborated more on the concept of trade-offs and opportunity cost, and could also walk us through the steps you made in order to get to your final decision.

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